Technology in 21st century education

Over the course of the last decade, technology has impacted the teaching process as well as the design of innovative and meaningful learning experiences.  Furthermore, the fact that today’s globally-minded students live in a rapidly changing world has resulted in a noticeable paradigm shift for educators.  

The American School works with a number of digital teaching and learning tools that are age- and developmentally-appropriate as well as conducive to all of our students’ needs.  Furthermore, these tools motivate students to interact, collaborate, and cooperate, leading to meaningful learning experiences.

In addition to digital tools, students interact physically with multiple technological, artistic, mechanical, crafting tools, and instructional materials in art, computer, science, computer science, innovation, technology classrooms and makerspace. These subjects and spaces invite children and young people to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom for the design, creation and implementation of projects that can provide innovative solutions to current problems.