The Puebla American School celebrates Special Olympics 2022

From February 28 to March 5, together with the High School senior students, we celebrate the sixth consecutive year organizing the Special Olympics friendly event “Be Special, Be Husky”.

Special Olympics seeks to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through activities that foster respect, acceptance and equity. Athletes, students and other participants come together to practice Zumba, take a mindfulness workshop, do crafts, participate in a leadership forum, among other activities that invite them to stay active and connected.

Like every year, American School high school students plan activities that promote inclusion and, together with our school community, create a virtual schedule that includes sports, artistic and leadership activities shared by American School’s students and participants with intellectual disability.

During these days, the students and participants get together virtually to work on this collaborative initiative where our mission is to encourage the participation of our entire school community in an event that illustrates the importance of inclusion, harmony and zero borders for all.