Tri-Association 40th Annual Educators’ Conference

From September 29 to October 1, 2022, the Tri-Association held the 24th edition of Educators’ Conferences, this year in Panama City. With great pride, several members of the American School of Puebla’s community participated as speakers along with people from various parts of Latin America and North America, representing American Schools that are part of the Tri-Association. 

This year's theme was Hope and Inspiration. With this in mind, the participating Huskies gave conferences focused on sharing inspirational messages in a learning and collaborative environment. 

Below we would like to share with you the list of speakers who represented the American School of Puebla and the topics of their conferences:

  • Elvia Enrich and Stephanie Bowles - Hope and inspiration in post pandemic times through feedforward and recognition to promote social-emotional well-being;

  • Maria Esther Mercado Soler - Inspiration in Language Learning;

  • Lotti Andersson & John Rennie - Inspiring High Achieving Students through Challenge;

  • Bárbara Ramírez - Inspire, Share and Innovate through technology;

  • Kimberley McFarland & Carlos Reyes - Playing for change: Designing Learning Experiences that Generate Hope and Harness Opportunity;

  • Zaira Castañeda - For the love of teaching... the love of learning.

Congratulations to all of the speakers who represented our institution in the 24th edition of the Educators’ Conference. It is an honor to participate in international events that facilitate and promote collaboration among educators.

We invite you to visit the Tri-Association website to enjoy a synopsis of these conferences: