Educational settings that encourage social-emotional well-being

The main aim of the American School’s Wellness Program is to encourage children and adolescents to engage in healthy habits, practices, and attitudes. As such, students are encouraged to participate in athletic and artistic activities that will have a positive impact on their physical, social, and emotional development.

In addition to aforementioned activities, the School has 1 counselor per grade year, thereby ensuring timely follow-up and personalized student attention in terms of emotional management and the development of social and communication skills.

Over the course of the last several months, the School’s counseling team has achieved the following:

· Detection of student needs on a weekly basis

· Weekly parent meeting in order to address specific needs as well as encourage a spirit of collaboration

· Family psychoeducation sessions

· Social-emotional intelligence workshops

· More than 15 hours a week dedicated to one-on-one student sessions

· Creation of Google Sites that include tutorials about mindfulness, self-management as well as how to live a balanced life while in the midst of a pandemic

· Creation of an on-line appointment system for individual and family sessions

· Activities aimed at preventing bullying, fostering inclusion, and creating interaction spaces

· More than 800 hours of academic follow-up and counseling intervention during the course of the year

· More than 600 hours of parental support during the course of the year

· More than 200 hours of training about how to provide social-emotional support during the current pandemic

Today’s world-class educational settings must include a holistic approach to the physical and mental health of its members. As such, the American School will continue to support and expand upon its Wellness Program.