High School students participate in the NAIMUN, North American Invitational Model United Nations

Six 12th grade students from the Puebla American School High School accepted the challenge of registering for an international model of the United Nations in which more than 3,000 delegates participate each year. They found their motivation in the opportunity to test their skills in another country and share their passion for models of the United Nations with students from other parts of the world. 

From February 15th to the 18th, 2024, our students participated in NAIMUN LXI in Washington D.C. The North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN) is one of the oldest simulations of the United Nations and is focused on high school students from North America and other parts of the world.  Since 1963, the event has been an international forum in which young students from all over the world seek solutions to current global problems through discussion, negotiation, and debate. 

More than 3,300 participants joined together for four days, simulating their role as delegates of a specific nation of the United Nations and serving as political representatives of their country. During NAIMUN, students are challenged to deepen their understanding of the international system through more than 40 mini-simulations, from standard committees such as the United Nations General Assembly to simulations of crises in diverse regional organizations, national cabinets, and political organizations. 

Our students participated in the following committees: 

  • World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

  • Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)

  • British House of Commons

  • Special Political and Decolonization (SPECPOL)

We are proud to share that our student, Emma García, delegate of the British House of Commons, received the recognition of Verbal Commendation due to her outstanding participation. In addition, she served as Chief Delegate of our delegation. 

Congratulations to our students for their participation in this global event, in which they showed their desire, discipline, and ability to collaborate internationally with other positive agents of change and seek solutions to highly relevant global problems.