Celebrating Diplomatic Excellence: PASMUN 2024 at the Puebla American School

The halls of the Puebla American School reverberated with intellectual fervor and global dialogue as the school proudly hosted the 40th edition of the Puebla American School Model United Nations (PASMUN) event. Year after year, this prestigious Model UN conference draws students from across the state and country, offering them a platform to delve into global issues, hone their debating skills, and showcase their abilities in problem-solving and critical thinking.

Under the banner of "Beyond Borders and Time," PASMUN 2024 transcended geographical and temporal constraints, urging delegates to envision a world where cooperation knows no bounds and where solutions stand the test of time. From climate change to human rights, delegates tackled a wide array of topics with dedication and insight, embodying the spirit of diplomatic collaboration.

The grandeur of the event was palpable from the very beginning, as distinguished guests graced the Opening Ceremony with their presence. Serving as our keynote speaker was Dr. Francisco de Rosenzweig, Managing Partner of White & Case Mexico, and an esteemed alumni of our institution from the class of 1990. Dr. de Rosenzweig's remarkable journey from our school corridors to the global stage served as an inspiration to all present, highlighting the transformative power of education and ambition.

Joining us was also Dr. Gerardo Traslosheros, Dean of the School of Social Sciences at UDLAP. With a wealth of experience garnered from his tenure at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his diplomatic postings around the world, Dr. Traslosheros brought invaluable insights into the importance of global cooperation and understanding.

Throughout the conference, delegates engaged in rigorous debates, negotiated alliances, and crafted resolutions aimed at addressing the world's most pressing challenges. Each committee session was a testament to the students' dedication to diplomacy and their unwavering commitment to effecting positive change in the world.

As the curtains close on another successful edition of PASMUN, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, organizers, and supporters who made this event possible. May the lessons learned and connections forged during PASMUN 2024 inspire us all to strive for a future of peace, cooperation, and understanding, transcending borders and time.

In the spirit of diplomacy and collaboration, we look forward to welcoming delegates back next year for yet another enriching PASMUN experience.

Beyond Borders and Time, indeed.