The 5 most special moments of the American School graduation

Every year, in June, we say goodbye to a generation of 12th graders that graduate to continue their academic journeys, in pursuit of their hopes and dreams. 

In an emotive ceremony, at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, students throw their caps to the sky to say goodbye to their second home, our School, and to the community that has been their family for 15 years. 

Weeks before the main event, teachers, directors and other members of the school community plan very special farewell activities that will remain in their memories forever. 

These are some of the most special farewell moments: 

  1. Final Countdown: On the last day of class, 12th graders gather in the campus halls to count down the last seconds of the school day and celebrate together the culmination of their studies at the Puebla American School. 

  2. Visit to the School 's Campuses: Students visit the different school campuses, from Preschool to High School, where they enjoy different activities organized by teachers and students, that help them remember the special moments they lived there. They also get the chance to meet their old teachers and directors. 

  3. The teacher 's show: High School teachers put together a show for the 12th grade students at the auditorium, it includes dancing choreography, special awards and an emotive farewell.

  4. General Ceremony: At the end of the annual general ceremony, 12th grade students gather at the center of the main patio, where they celebrate that they will soon be graduating High School. 

  5. Graduation Ceremony: Students attend the Graduation Ceremony at the UDLAP Campus. On this very special event, we listen to the traditional graduation speeches, enjoy the Ceremony of Flags, the delivery of diplomas and the moment when they throw their caps up in the air. This special occasion is shared with parents and loved ones, and it is the last moment 12th grade students share to say goodbye to their beloved school and to each other.