What is the Pre-AP program?

Pre-AP was designed by the College Board as an accessible academic program for junior high students. It prepares students for the AP program, which offers college-level courses in high school, preparing students for outstanding performance in college.

The main goal of the Pre-AP program is to provide the necessary tools for middle school students to excel in their high school and college studies. To do this, Pre-AP offers a focused framework, instructional support, model lessons, classroom assessments, and an optional final exam.

Some of the advantages of Pre-AP are:

  • It offers 12 courses in multiple domains: English, math, science, history, arts, world, and geography. They all share a focus on critical thinking skills that prepare students for college and career options.

  • It gives teachers the ability to customize courses to meet the needs of their students.

  • It starts in junior high school and prepares students for the AP Program in high school.

  • Students build essential life skills such as: reading for evidence, constructing sentences to support claims, interpreting data, and making sense of the world with quantitative information. Teachers use a focused framework supported by engaging, grade-appropriate content.


Learn more about Pre-AP at: https://pre-ap.collegeboard.org/