The Colegio Americano de Puebla's participation in the Concurso Nacional de Aparatos y Experimentos de Física

Dr. Uriel Rivera and Hugo Teutli, both collaborators in the Colegio Americano de Puebla’s Educational Technology area, recently participated in the Concurso Nacional de Aparatos y Experimentos de Física with their “Simulador interactivo de bajo costo como herramienta de enseñanza/aprendizaje, referente a tiro parabólico incluyendo inclinación del plano de lanzamiento” project. 

Said project was implemented in S4A and operated via an external control that was based on an arduino board and designed on SolidWorks, a CAD (computer-aided design) software that creates 2D and 3D mechanical models. 

The project earned third place in the teaching category among national teams.   The prize included an invitation to present and scholarship for the LXV Congreso Nacional de Física, which took place on October 2 through 7 in Zacatecas. In addition, the team participated in a a number of activities and shared their experiences with a variety of universities at the Congreso Nacional de Divulgación Científica.

Hugo and Uriel work directly with students in the Colegio Americano de Puebla’s Makerspace.  They both foster the development of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematical (STEAM) skills through hands-on activities and meaningful learning experiences.  

We congratulate Hugo and Uriel for representing the Colegio Americano de Puebla in events that encourage active participation and the development of projects that are focused on application of a wide range of knowledge and skills.