American School students take part in the United Nations’ Goals Project

The Junior High’s 9th grade students presented their SDG15 Life on Land: Illegal Trafficking of Species talk during the United Nations’ Goals Project.

A number of schools from around the world participated in this event, and the American School was the only Mexican educational institution to take part. On the event’s last day, known as the Day of Solutions, Jimena Rodríguez and Fátima Castañeda talked about the issue of the illegal trafficking of species and provided solutions that could bring about an end to said issue as well as that of ecosystem destruction in Mexico and all around the world.

American School students proved themselves once again to be examples of positive agents of change and demonstrated that, regardless of age, we all have the capacity for providing viable solutions for global issues.

Some of the recommendations presented were:

·       It is important to raise community awareness through information campaigns about the consequences of the illegal trafficking of species and ecosystem destruction.

·       It is vital that we sit down and talk with acquaintances, friends, and family about why they should refrain from buying exotic animals.

·       It is imperative that we read product labels in order to ensure that they do not contain materials such as ivory or shells.

·       It is essential that we know about and can inform others about how to report the illegal trafficking of species.

·       It is vitally important to remember that we must care for the Earth given that there is no such thing as Planet B.


Melissa Fleming, the United Nations’ Under-Secretary-General, was the event’s keynote speaker.  During her speech, she warmly congratulated participants and their schools.