The American School reinvents the teaching of mathematics

Thanks to the implementation of the American School’s Math Literacy program, all grade year teachers will discover a new way of teaching mathematics as well as become instructed in the use of innovative methods and didactic tools that will provide their students with meaningful and enduring learning experiences.

Students will learn through play and experimentation and will come to understand that mathematics is a language that is present in all parts of their lives. Preschool students are learning to express their ideas mathematically, count to 999, make effective use of the decimal system, work with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, in addition to their first experiences with fractions.

Math Literacy is based on a “think about math” learning approach and encourages students to solve everyday problems mathematically. This means that math is transformed into an essential tool that is available to all, meaning that it is no longer considered as exclusive to those born with natural mathematical talent.

The Math Literacy program allows the American School to remain at the educational forefront and provides students with the tools they will need for their present and future lives.